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Melissa Benzon with a patient at Summit Endocrinology

Dietitian weighs in on Goldfish® recall

What can you do if a favorite snack food is recalled? Why not find alternatives that are a better fit?

Goldfish, the ultimate baked snack cracker--a favorite to many, was recently recalled, so we asked an expert on healthier comparable...Read more

Celebrate a safe and happy Independence Day

Emergency department providers are reminding you to stay safe this Independence Day and avoid the most common reasons people travel to the hospital during the celebration.Read more

Man standing in the sun

Be prepared for high temperatures

Summertime and the weather is … dry. Hot. Humid.Read more

Deer tick

Practice bug safety this summer

Summer is peak season for insect bites, which typically leave behind some itchy bumps that are bothersome for a few days before disappearing. Sometimes, though, insect bites can be more dangerous.Read more

Summer sun safety

Dermatologist offers tips for sun safety

A day in the sun isn’t without consequence. Every tan you get is skin damage. Each burn, an increased risk of cancer.Read more