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Strength building tips for women

Weight training—also called strength or resistance training—has immediate and long-term benefits for women. Resistance training increases muscle strength by making muscles work against an external force or weight. This can be body weight (squats, lunges, planks), free weights (barbells, dumbbells),...Read more

Why your well-woman exam is important

Dr. Mawuli Brosius is on a mission. She wants to help ensure that women understand the importance of getting their annual exam—even when they’re not due for a Pap test.

“Women need to come in for that annual screening—there are...Read more

Defeating depression and anxiety: Tips for women

nxiety and depression can strike at any time, making daily activities a challenge and reducing enjoyment of life. Fortunately, help is available. The sooner treatment is begun, the less likely these conditions are to cause devastating consequences.

When anxiety attacks...Read more

5 tips for beautiful skin

We’ve all seen older women with incredibly smooth, young-looking skin. And we’ve all seen the opposite—women whose weathered appearance makes them seem older than they are. Genes account for part of the difference, but “it’s also in how you take...Read more

5 health foods for women

Women can have very specific dietary needs depending on their age and phase of life. For example, a woman who’s pregnant or breastfeeding has different calorie and nutrient requirements than a woman in menopause.

However, a diet rich in fruits...Read more