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Children playing outside with parents

How to raise active kids

Today’s kids weigh more and move less than ever before. According to state data from 2017, approximately 20 percent of Franklin County youth in kindergarten through twelfth grades—higher than the state average—are in the 95th percentile for their weight and...Read more

How fitness trackers help you lose weight

George Wachter says technology kept him focused and disciplined, helping him lose 70 pounds over a year. The Waynesboro resident, 61, credits his weight-loss success in part to his Fitbit fitness tracker, which gave him the ability to monitor his...Read more

Turmeric Chicken Curry Recipe

Spice up your dinner with this traditional recipe for turmeric chicken curry.Read more


Health benefits of turmeric

You may have heard about the benefits of turmeric, that yellow-orange spice found abundantly in curries and used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic— East Indian—and Chinese medicine. If you wonder what turmeric can do for you, Barb Van Meerbeke,...Read more

Dr. Arshad Safi of Summit Interventional Cardiology with Timothy Banks

A heart-attack survivor shares his dramatic story

Recognizing an oncoming heart attack and getting help fast can be the difference between life and death.

Just ask Timothy Banks.

Eight years ago, Timothy suffered a sudden, near-fatal heart attack while at work. But thanks to the prompt response...Read more