Pictured is Pat Heckman, a volunteer at Chambersburg Hospital
Thursday, March 8, 2018

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - March 8, is International Women's Day, a holiday that recognizes the many achievements women have accomplished throughout history. In the spirit of the day, the care some of the volunteers at Chambersburg Hospital were recognized.

Pat Heckman, of Chambersburg, a volunteer at Chambersburg Hospital, has served the organization for 15 years. Before her time as a volunteer, Pat taught second grade for 23 years at Fannett-Metal Elementary School in Willow Hill, Pa. She moved to the area in 1999 and began her volunteer service in 2003 as a messenger.   Messengers have a variety of roles, including delivering specimens, blood work, mail, and patient folders.  They also conduct pharmacy runs, deliver medications, and even help discharge patients. 

Pat explained her role,  "We're all over the place! This is something I always thought I'd like to do after retiring."

Pat was selected twice for the Volunteer of the Year by the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees, where she holds another volunteer position as the Hospitality Chair. 
"Pat is one of our volunteers that would do anything for anyone. She not only does her own shifts, but she also goes above and beyond. She's very dedicated," said Tina Sanders, Director of Volunteer Services at Chambersburg Hospital.   Pat averages around 641 hours a year and will soon reach six thousand committed volunteer hours at Chambersburg Hospital.   "It's hard to explain the feeling you get from volunteering. You're here because you want to be. I just wanted to give back to the community," she said.
Women like Pat, are inspiring hope in our community, and thanks her for all she does. 


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