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WellSpan Family Medicine

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WellSpan Family Medicine

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Medical School: 
Temple University Medicine
UPMC Saint Margaret Memorial
UPMC Saint Margaret Memorial



Why I chose to pursue a career in medicine: I was inspired to consider medicine by my own family doctor. Wise and benevolent, he always seemed to have the ability to help us through our minor illnesses. My parents gave their children many gifts. My father taught us the value of hard work and determination. My mother's gift to us was a deep compassion and a sense of caring for those in need. Although my family enjoyed good health overall, we were exposed to ongoing medical care following the motor vehicle accident of my aunt causing paraplegia. My older sister felt compelled towards a career in nursing. I was much more adept at the sciences in my studies and was fortunate to warrant acceptance to medical school.

What patients should expect when they come to an appointment with me: : I came to Chambersburg almost 33 years ago. Family practice doctors were vitally important in providing care throughout this community. Over the years I have been fortunate to become part of my patients lives and to know the story of their lives. Medicine is changed over these many years, now very complex and scientific. I see my current role in medicine as understanding the complexities and translating the science of medicine into the practical day-to-day care of my patients. Medicine can be somewhat disjointed with multiple specialist involved in complex cases. Another role that I play in my patient's care is shepherding them through these complexities and coordinating care amongst various specialists. We are fortunate in this community to have many fine specialists to whom I can refer my patients for their various and sundry needs.

What patients should expect when they come to an appointment with me: : Family is very important to me. I like to enjoy the outdoors and tinkering with many projects around the house. Someday I hope that you will see me tooling around town in my 1968 MGB if I can ever get and keep it running.