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WellSpan ENT & Hearing Services

22 St Paul Drive Suite 202
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Phone:(717) 217-6870
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Professional School: 
City University of New York The Graduate Center
Weill Cornell Medical College
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association



Why I chose to pursue a career in medicine: I have always wanted to pursue a career in healthcare since I was a kid. The opportunity to alleviate people’s health concerns and help improve their quality of life is very rewarding and I am honored to have the ability to do that. I started with an interest in speech pathology and for that reason I majored in speech and hearing science and linguistics for my undergraduate studies. As soon as I took my first audiology class, I realized that audiology is what I wanted to develop my career on. Now being an audiologist, I am excited to work alongside with my patients and help improve their communication skills. 

What I want my patients to know about me: I perform diagnostic audiologic evaluations to determine the degree and type of hearing loss you might have. Depending on the configuration of hearing loss, you will receive different recommendations, one being aural rehabilitation with amplification. You will first come in for a hearing aid consultation, at which time we will discuss your lifestyle and the latest technology with hearing aids so I can recommend the most suitable device specifically for you. The journey does not stop after you are fit with the hearing aids. At your follow-up appointments, I will provide fine tuning adjustments to the settings on the hearing aids as you slowly adjust to the use of amplification. In addition to audiologic evaluations, I also perform diagnostic balance testing for patients with dizziness and/or vertigo.

What I do when I’m not seeing patients: I like to work out during the week and travel to different places on the weekends.