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WellSpan OB/GYN

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WellSpan OB/GYN

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Professional School: 
Felician College
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
American Midwifery Certification Board



Q: What led you to become a midwife?

I started working as a maternity nurse in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for several years before attending graduate school. While in graduate school, I obtained two master degrees, certified nurse midwife and family nurse practitioner.

I trained in an inner city hospital in New Jersey dealing with both low and high-risk patients. I also have experience as a midwife working in a private practice delivering in the hospital and home settings. Most of the births in this private practice were water births.

Most recently, I have been practicing in Carlisle, PA as a midwife. I am also attending Vanderbilt University to obtain a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, which I am scheduled to complete in December 2014.

I always knew that I wanted to be in the medical field as I enjoy helping and making a difference in people's lives.

However, it was after witnessing the birth of my brother while I was in high school that it became apparent to me that women's health was my calling.

This started my journey in nursing and after several years as a nurse and positive interaction with several midwives, I knew that midwifery was a specialty to explore.

Q: What drew you to begin practicing in the Fulton & Franklin Counties area?

I have always been most comfortable in a small town, even when living in very large cities.

I drove through Fulton and Franklin County and loved the small town feel and beautiful countryside. I had the opportunity to speak with women in the area and they are excited for more midwives to come to the area.

Q: What would you say is a common misconception people have about midwifery?

While there are many misconceptions about midwifery, the ones that I have encountered involve the misconception that it's not medicine, but some magic-witchcraft type practice. This often occurs when the person has no experience with midwives.

Most people unfamiliar with midwifery are surprised to find out the amount of education, training, and experience that a certified nurse midwives has. They are surprised to learn that midwives manage well women care, labor, and delivery in various settings (hospital, birth center, home and water birth facility), prescribe medication, and work closely with physicians.

One part of being a midwife is to disavow these misperceptions and replace them with positive experience and information regarding midwifery.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at the practice?

I am looking forward to providing 24-hour midwifery coverage to the patients. I am excited to work with the community and medical staff to watch and expand the program.

Q: What hobbies or interests do you enjoy outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my family and love to travel. I love animals and enjoy all types of outdoor activities, such as kayaking, hiking and fishing.

I recently got married this Spring and am excited to start my married life. My fiance is supportive of my new position and is excited to join the community.