CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. –  Pulmonologists at Chambersburg Hospital now have access to Navigational Bronchoscopy, a technology which allows doctors to sample suspicious tissue much farther and deeper into your lungs than ever before.

“[Chambersburg Hospital] purchased a superDimension® Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy system called i-Logic,” explained Pulmonologist, Dr. Peter Jablin from Summit Pulmonology.

“This new bronchoscopy technology allows us to test tissue that is much smaller and deeper in the complex lung branches, and we can do it in a minimally invasive way.”

According to Jablin, when traditional bronchoscopy technology couldn’t provide access to suspicious tissue deep in the lung, patients would require a more complicated, invasive surgical procedure.

“With all surgery, complication risk increases,” he added. “Our procedure makes no cuts outside your body. You can go home the same day.  A surgical tissue removal would require an incision, and you would most likely be spending at least one night in the hospital.”

“This allows us to find lung cancers at an earlier and more curable stage, or to reassure patients that they do not have cancer.”

Navigational bronchoscopy produces a 3-D image using electromagnetic technology. This GPS-like system helps guide unique catheters through the complex regions of the lung, which are beyond the reach of the traditional bronchoscope.

“This is an exciting advancement in the field of lung sampling,” said Jablin. “And, it’s even more exciting that this is available right here in Chambersburg.”


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Tuesday, June 10, 2014