Chambersburg Area Senior High School Girl’s Varsity Basketball player Theodora Lowkopoulos performs a vertical leap while being analyzed for injury risk by Doug Lentz and his staff at Results Therapy and Fitness using Dartfish motion analysis software.

Athletes learn how to avoid ACL injuries


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – You don’t play football or hockey, so you aren’t experiencing jarring hits. Do you still need to worry about ACL injury?

The answer: Yes. And, Doug Lentz, director of fitness and wellness at Results Therapy and Fitness in Chambersburg and a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association can help you identify your risk for injury and teach you how to avoid it.

Lentz is using Dartfish technology and science to help identify high-risk non-contact ACL injury in local athletes.

What is Dartfish?
Dartfish is a software program that uses a video camera and computer software to provide motion analysis.

Video can be slowed down so that athletes and coaches can watch body movements, frame-by-frame, to see where an athlete can make small changes to improve their performance – which includes safety.

“At Summit Health, we use this in athletic training and in our physical therapy programs,” Lentz said. “We can use this to help you avoid a future injury, and our therapists can use it to help you heal properly so that you can get moving again.”

The Science of Sports Injuries
Lentz utilized the Dartfish technology on May 1 with the Chambersburg Area Senior High School girl’s basketball team.

“We used the video we gathered while the team was performing the drop vertical jump test to visually show each player where their potential for injury was,” Lentz said.

Lentz is also utilizing a scientific algorithm created by Dr. Gregory Myer, Director of Research Sports Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital which allows him to identify athletes who have a high-risk of non-contact ACL injury.

“Dr. Myer has authored over 150 peer-reviewed articles dealing with ACL injuries,” Lentz explained. “This gentleman is tops in this field and he is helping us help our athletes.”

Lentz also works with Summit Health Physical Therapists to help the non-athlete who has had a knee injury or surgery.

“The therapists and I work very closely together,” Lentz said. “We bring together our talents to help the athlete and non-athlete recover and excel.”

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