Chambersburg Hospital King Street Entrance

As our community continues to grow, so do we. The new addition to Chambersburg Hospital was designed to provide a comfortable and soothing atmosphere to help you rest easier and heal faster.

We knew that a modern facility like this was essential to Franklin County. Thank you for making Chambersburg Hospital YOUR hospital.

We understand and believe that spending time with loved ones is important for healing, so the new rooms are spacious enough for you to spend time with your visitors. Each room was designed to help you get more rest and heal faster.

Addition Features

  • 171 spacious, private rooms
  • 3 Cardiac cath labs
  • Personal bathrooms in each room
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Comfortable guest furniture
  • Temperature controls in each patient room
  • Soothing colors and décor
  • Unique, calming glass sculptures and uplifting photographs by local talent
  • Internet access (Wi-Fi)

Award Winning Heart Care

The space has expanded from 3,100 square feet to 20,000 square feet and will include: Chambersburg Hospital's award-winning heart care program will see an expansion to the cardiac catheterization lab.

  • 3 Cardiac cath labs
  • 12 patient bays
  • GE Innova imaging technology
  • Large waiting room for visitors
  • More privacy

About the Project

A team from Chambersburg Hospital worked closely with HBE, the nation’s largest and most experienced designer of healthcare facilities, to design the new wing.

Fun Facts

  • The total additional square footage in the new wing is about the same as 3 NFL fields.
  • The amount of dirt removed from the property would fit into about 585 dump trucks.
  • The amount of rebar used in the construction would weigh about the same as 185 African elephants.
  • The concrete used in the project would fill about 388 concrete trucks.
  • The cubic yards of the concrete structure are equal to almost 3,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • The new wing has 49 miles of plumbing, which is about the same as running 196 laps around a regulation track.
  • If you laid all the drywall from the new building flat on the ground, it would cover almost 9 acres.

Local Contractors

  • Bragunier Masonry Contractors
  • Charles E. Brake Company
  • Crown
  • David H. Martin Excavating
  • Ellsworth Electric
  • Kelly Roofing & Insulating
  • Maryland Millwork
  • R. A. Hill
  • Waggoner Construction
  • William A. Brindle Associates

Local Talent

We thought of every detail in creating a restful & healing environment. We decided to use local artisans to create unique and calming glass sculptures, stonescapes, photography, and landscaping. This local talent has provided the new wing with creative, modern artwork for you and your visitors to enjoy.

  • Glass Sculpture - Michael Fisher
  • Photography - Dr. T. Toe Thane
  • Stonescape - Rob Fox
  • Landscaping - GQ Creations

Glass Sculpture

Michael Fisher is a 1997 graduate of Chambersburg Area Senior High School. He lives in Biglerville, Pennsylvania, and he is the owner of Fisher Glass Design and co-owner of DeVerre Elements, LLC.

Michael’s creative and alluring designs are also featured in other local establishments including The Orchards Restaurant and Bistro 71 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and Aqua 103 in Hagerstown, Maryland.

His work has also been featured in dozens of national magazines.

Peter Nicklas of Sunset Metal Works in Chambersburg, provided the metal work for the sculpture. He is an expert in welding who has spoken internationally on the subject. This project was especially meaningful for him because his grandfather, Dr. James A. Dickson, was a general surgeon at Chambersburg Hospital from 1947 to 1983.


Dr. Thane was a Radiologist with Chambersburg Imaging Associates for nearly 30 years. Although his expertise is in viewing and interpreting medical images, Dr. Thane has had a passion for the composition of photographs since he was a boy.

Over the years, he has generously donated many of his photos to Chambersburg Hospital and Waynesboro Hospital.

Dr. Thane believes that the beauty and optimism of the photos can brighten a patient’s day – and their outlook.

Custom Artwork

Maryann Fisher, owner of Decorating Den Interiors in Chambersburg, worked with a team from the hospital to select 180 pieces of art that reflected the calming yet contemporary design of the new wing. Maryann was aided by Karrie Fisher, design assistant.

Maryann has more than 20 years experience as an interior decorator and has won several national awards. Her design philosophy is “smart and simple.” She works with homeowners as well as businesses who want spaces that are both beautiful and functional.


The serene, calming stonescape between the new addition and the Medical Office Building was designed and installed by Robb Fox Landscaping of Chambersburg.


GQ Creations, Inc., of Chambersburg worked for several months to create the beautiful landscaping throughout the hospital campus.