Friday, March 10, 2017

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – Recent employment figures by the Franklin County Area Development Corporation show Summit Health as the largest employer in Franklin County.

The latest numbers indicate a total of 3519 employees working for entities of the local healthcare provider across the county, including at Chambersburg Hospital, Waynesboro Hospital, Summit Physician Services, Chambersburg Hospital Services, and the Roy A. Himlefarb surgical center.

According to the FCADC, as of January 2017, Letterkenny Army Depot employed 3150 people, and Chambersburg Area School District had 1120. 

“As the Franklin County community continues to grow, we are thrilled to be able to grow and expand our services and locations to be able to meet their healthcare needs,” explained President and CEO of Summit Health, Pat O’Donnell.  “We want our friends and neighbors to know Summit Health is here for them, and constantly working to bring quality care to Franklin County so they do not have to travel outside of the area.”

Since 2014, Summit Health has noted a four percent increase in hospital admissions at Chambersburg and Waynesboro Hospitals, a 337 percent increase in urgent care visits, a 9.8 percent increase in physician office visits, a 50 percent increase in surgeries performed at the Roy. A Himelfarb Surgery Center, a 34 percent increase in cardiac procedures at Chambersburg Hospital, and a four percent increase in births at Chambersburg Hospital and Waynesboro Hospitals.

“As the growing and aging population of Franklin County has created a larger need for healthcare, Summit Health is working hard to support those needs by bringing needed medical professionals to the area,” O’Donnell explained.  “We have invested in education and tuition assistance programs to help local students go to medical school, and have entered into academic partnerships with the hopes of bringing those students to work for our entities upon their graduation.”

Since 2016, Summit Health has opened a new FastCare clinic in Chambersburg, opened a Newborn Intensive Care Unit within Chambersburg Hospital, brought additional interventional cardiology services to the system, and has expanded specialty services to include podiatry and Sports Medicine. 

Summit Health is a non-profit network of hospitals and physician practices dedicated to building a healthier community.As Franklin County's leading healthcare provider, Summit Health offers family care, specialists, lab and imaging services, a fitness center, urgent care centers, and two award-winning hospitals.