Dr. D. Shaun Bryant
Monday, June 15, 2015

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – Dr. D. Shaun Bryant of Summit Surgical Group – Chambersburg recently completed more than 200 robotic procedures making him one of the highest volume Robotic General Surgeons in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Bryant began using the da Vinci Si robotic surgical system in August 2013 for procedures, such as single site gallbladder removal, ventral/incisional hernias, and inguinal hernias.

In total, he has performed more than 230 procedures on the robotic system and he hopes to offer colon procedures in the near future.

“I like working with the robot because it allows me greater control and flexibility. The patients are doing well and they’re seeing better results,” he said. “This is the direction surgery is heading. It’s making a lot more sense as an option because it’s minimally invasive.”

During the procedure, the surgeon sits at a console viewing a 3-D, high definition image of the patient’s anatomy. Using controls below the viewer, the surgeon moves the instrument arms and camera performing the surgery in real-time.

Surgery with the robotic system provides all the same benefits as traditional open and laparoscopic surgery, but with a better patient experience, Dr. Bryant explained. Patients not only get home faster, but they also experience less pain and less scarring.

For instance, during robotic gallbladder removal surgery, the patient’s gallbladder is removed through a one-inch incision in the belly button, making the surgery virtually scarless. Previously, surgeries required three to five small incisions.

“My main concern is that we’re doing it safely and appropriately,” he said. “Robotic surgery may not be for every patient, but for the patients that qualify they’re impressed with the results.”

Bryant is also quick to note that this is a team achievement stating that the input and dedication from the operating room nurses and technicians are important to the program’s success.

“Our team looks forward to continuing to offer more minimally invasive procedures to the South Central Pennsylvania community,” Dr. Bryant said. “Just because you choose to live in the country doesn’t’ mean you can’t have big city surgical care.”

Dr. Bryant also began seeing patients at the Shippensburg Medical Campus, 46 Walnut Bottom Road, earlier this year.

Appointments are available for new patient consultations, minor surgical procedures, and post operation consultations.

For more information or to make an appointment at either location, contact Summit Surgical Group – Chambersburg at (717) 217-6800.

Additional information on all robotic surgeries offered through Summit Health can be found online at www.SummitHealth.org/Surgery.

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