Friday, March 11, 2016

WAYNESBORO, Pa. – January has come and gone and for many, so have New Year’s resolutions to address their health. However, it’s always a good time to think about making improvements to health and the perfect place to start is with a visit to your primary care provider.

“People often jump head-first into new diets or exercise regimens without having an accurate picture of their health,” noted Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner Brenda Vitucci with Summit Primary Care located on the third floor of Waynesboro Medical Office Building.

She explained that while it’s great to take steps for a positive change in lifestyle, it’s important to know exactly what your numbers are as well as the health challenges and risks for chronic disease you could potentially face.

“Wanting to make a positive lifestyle change is great, but it’s important to have an overall assessment of your health,” Vitucci said. “On the outside, your problem area might be your belly, but blood work might reveal that you are prediabetic.”

Vitucci said that even if you already maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to keep up with annual well visits and develop a comfortable rapport with your primary care provider.

“Even if your numbers are great, as we age, things happen,” she said. “You may have a hereditary predisposition to certain conditions. A visit to your primary care provider, which can include a discussion of any changes in health, physical and orders for routine blood work can help make sure there are no changes to your health.”

Summit Primary Care on the third floor of Waynesboro Medical Office Building, 601 E. Main St., specializes in internal medicine and is accepting new patients age 18 and older. For more information or to make an appointment, call (717) 765-5060 or click here.

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