When injuries, arthritis, or other bone or joint problems interfere with daily life, Summit Orthopedic Group can help you to restore your quality of life. Pain can be frustrating, exhausting, and truly make it difficult to meet day-to-day obligations.

It leads to less desire to have fun and enjoy a vibrant life. Our team of experienced physical therapists, doctors, physician assistants, and orthopedic surgeons work to determine how to treat your pain or condition for the best possible outcome.

Treating a Range of Orthopedic Conditions

From sports injuries to the chronic pain of arthritis, common conditions we see and treat include:

Surgical and Non-Surgical Services

Non-surgical treatments are available for many conditions. These treatments may include physical therapy, lifestyle changes, medication, steroid injections, and more. Non-surgical treatment plans are designed specifically for your needs and are popular and effective treatments for many common causes of chronic and acute pain.

When surgery is necessary, our surgeons use the most advanced, minimally invasive surgical techniques available for joint replacements and fracture care. Performed at Chambersburg Hospital, Waynesboro Hospital, or the Summit Surgery Center, procedures such as the advanced Anterior Hip Replacement, for example, get you back up on your feet faster than ever before possible with less pain and fewer days of recovery time.

Summit Orthopedic Group specializes in Total Joint Replacement surgery, including total hip, knee, and shoulder procedures. Learn more about the Total Joint Program at Chambersburg Hospital.

Contact us today if you feel that a surgical or non-surgical treatment will help you relieve your pain, or if you are in need of a second medical opinion.