Monday, July 6, 2015

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – Often, the points earned by student athletes on the field can be attributed to hours of strength and conditioning training off the field.  In an effort to boost their athletic programs, the Chambersburg Area School District is teaming up with Results Therapy & Fitness, an affiliate of Summit Health.

Results Therapy & Fitness will provide up to 20 hours of strength and conditioning coaching per week at no cost to the district.

Doug Lentz, director of Results Therapy & Fitness, said he is thrilled this project is moving forward.

“We want to raise the bar over time,” he explained.  “Athletes can improve, but can’t get faster and more powerful unless they get stronger.  We are ready to work seriously with these athletes to help them perform better on and off of the field.”

Results and CASD have entered into a three year agreement.  The training will include both athletes who are competing in their season as well as those in their off-season.  The in-season athletes will work out before school, out-of-season athletes will participate in sessions after school.  The sessions will last for about 60 minutes each.

Most of the training will take place at the weight training facility in the Chambersburg Area Senior High School field house.  The Results staff will work with district coaches and trainers to develop the best programs for the athletes.  Additional information and instruction regarding nutrition, injury prevention, speed and agility training, concussion prevention, and education for coaches could also become a part of this agreement.

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