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Microdermabrasion with Aureliz at WellSpan Plastic Surgery & Skin Care

You moisturize daily, use sunscreen and serums, and try to stay away from acne-causing sugar – except for the twice-per-year raid of your children’s Halloween- and Easter-candy haul (they don’t like chocolate, anyway, btw).

And, now, you want to step up your skin-care game – but where do you start? A Microdermabrasion? A HydraFacial? What’s the difference, anyway?

Not a lot, when it comes to treating signs of aging and encouraging collagen production. In fact, both:

  • Treat fine lines and wrinkles
  • Help reduce the look of enlarged pores
  • Diminish hyperpigmentation (patches of darker-colored skin)
  • Boost collagen production to give skin a younger, healthier look
  • Help with acne

However, the feeling of the treatments and look your skin has immediately after them differ significantly. And, some people prefer one treatment over the other.


Like the name indicates, a microdermabrasion roughs up the outer layer of skin a little bit. At our practice, a licensed esthetician will first cleanse the skin and then use a special instrument that simultaneously diffuses bursts of tiny microcrystals onto the skin before vacuuming them back up. Then, the face is gently cleansed (again), and a serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen are all applied.

When you leave, your skin will feel moisturized, but may appear slightly reddish or inflamed. BONUS: No need to use blush the rest of the day!


A HydraFacial is gentler on skin during the exfoliation process and may provide slightly more benefit in fighting breakouts because it infuses the skin with salicylic serum. After the salicylic serum is applied, skin is infused with a hydrating serum that includes hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes, plumps, and firms the skin.

Afterward, you’ll feel like you've had a luxurious skin-care treatment.

The Bottom Line

Some patients prefer one treatment over the other, but they both will give your skin the same benefits. As our Licensed Cosmetologist, Aureliz, says, “You feel it (Microdermabrasion) more, but you are still getting the same amount of exfoliation as you would with a HydraFacial.”

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