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Cosmetic Surgery

Is your push-up bra constantly letting you down?

Are you tired of tucking your tummy into high-waisted pants?

You may have considered the benefits your body could reap from an elective cosmetic surgery. But you may also have battled with rhetoric served to you on a silver platter since you were young.

You know. The dialogue that cosmetic surgery is “the easy way out.” That only intensely vain people have it. That financially, it’s out of reach.

There were close to 18 million cosmetic surgeries performed during 2018 in the United States, according to the most recent data available from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

And, most women surveyed who have had an elective cosmetic procedure have echoed the same sentiments: that they’ve felt empowered by it – and that they would do it all over again.

So, let’s put to bed some of those myths, shall we?

  1. Cosmetic surgery is the “easy way out.”

No, it’s not. In fact, the ideal candidate for an elective cosmetic procedure maintains a healthy lifestyle and is within 10 lbs. of her ideal “goal” weight. What’s more, there are certain things – sagging breasts, separation of the abdominal muscles, excess skin after pregnancy or weight loss – that just can’t get better without cosmetic surgery.

  1. Shouldn’t I just be happy with my body?

You should be happy with your body. That’s why cosmetic surgery is an option. You have the power to make changes to your body if you want them. Cosmetic surgery with the right plastic surgeon like our own Dr. Ledinh will ensure natural results. And, cosmetic procedures have been shown to increase self confidence and overall well-being. Don’t believe us? Read the “Beyond The Weight Loss” section of this story.

  1. Isn’t it expensive?

All cosmetic surgeries at WellSpan Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Center have payment options to help make the procedures offered affordable for most people. Right now is the perfect time to consider a surgery since we’re offering a $500 discount* on breast and body surgeries booked in January. *This offer is limited to the first 10 patients to book a consultation AND schedule a surgery.

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