Merna Trexler (left) holding her old stretch pants with Jen Hutsler (right)
Thursday, January 5, 2017

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – With the new year comes new resolutions. Losing weight still tops the list for many people, but there's one story that's inspiring others to finally shed those pounds.

In November of 2015, Merna Traxler, 66, came to Summit Weight Management weighing 410 pounds. Not only was she becoming less mobile, but she was advised by her orthopedic surgeon to lose weight before she could have a left knee replacement.

“Prior to her seeing me, her husband had recently passed away so Merna was emotionally eating,” said Jen Hutsler, CRNP. Jen worked with her to put together a comprehensive plan that would help Merna achieve her goals.

Through this new partnership, Merna began to count her calories, subscribed to Meals on Wheels for lunch deliveries and learned how to make light and healthy dinners in her own kitchen using whole foods and lean meat.

By the end of 2016, she had lost a total of 129 pounds and completed a successful knee replacement, with plans to lose a lot more. When asked how she’s feeling today, Merna simply replied, “Wonderful.”

This is quite a change compared to when she first walked in Jen’s doors in 2015. Merna explained that at the time she was afraid to go outside, couldn’t bend down to tie her shoes and she relied on a rolling walker to move around her home.

As her movement improved, she began to exercise more. “Her goal was to literally stand hourly from her bed or chair at home and do arm exercises, and by the summer she was outside walking in her yard and planting flowers,” said Hutsler.

Merna explained that her success came only when she asked for help. “You have to get help, you have to have willpower and it's not about losing one pound -- that'll never work. It’s a fighting battle, but you can do it!”

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