Religious Services Offered

Sunday worship services at Chambersburg Hospital: 

  • 2:30 pm on the Behavioral Health Unit. 

When to Call a Chaplain

  • To administer Holy Communion
  • Baptism of an infant or adult
  • To hear a patient’s confession
  • To anoint with oil/sacrament of the sick
  • Prayer of Commendation/blessing at time of or following a death
  • Prayer before a surgical procedure
  • To be visited by a hospital chaplain
  • To obtain information pertaining to religious objects
  • To discuss end-of-life issues associated with religious/ethical concerns
  • To consult the hospital chaplain regarding religious or emotional issues, like guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, depression, anger, faith, and beliefs concerning life and death, etc.
  • In crisis situations
  • During times of acute loneliness
  • In times of loss and grief
  • During special times of celebration and thanksgiving
  • Whenever in need of information regarding spiritual or religious values of various faith traditions Religious Resources Available
  • Devotional materials in English and Spanish
  • Bible on audio cassette
  • Gideon Bibles at each nursing station or upon request
  • “Care Note” racks placed in waiting areas and lobbies throughout the hospital
  • Tranquility CD series

Chapel Location

An interfaith chapel and meditation room is located on the first floor near the main lobby at Chambersburg Hospital and Waynesboro Hospital. It is open 24-hours to people of all faiths. There are prayer request forms available for you to write down your prayer requests.

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