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The holidays as a young adult can sometimes feel more like an interrogation than a time of merriment. Often, you’re bombarded with questions. When are you going to settle down? How are your college grades? When can we expect grandbabies? This year, young adults should prepare with the comeback that could reap health benefits for years to come. Ask your interrogators, “What is our family’s health history?”

It’s only natural – when you feel sick, you want to feel better.

Diabetes lives in Franklin County. In fact, about 14 percent of residents live with the chronic disease each day, taking measures to control symptoms and prevent the disease from advancing in severity.

As Chaplain Paul Yeun prepares to retire from his position at Chambersburg Hospital October 31, he shared insights and highlights from his 18-year post at the facility.

What has traditionally been reserved as a modern greeting or celebratory gesture is something one Summit Health provider is doing this fall and winter as an additional measure to help stop the spread of flu.