Romberger family
Megan Romberger delivered a third generation to share a March 10 birth date with herself and her father, Gary Miller. Pictured with Megan and Gary are baby Trevor's older siblings, Rileigh and Alden.
Monday, March 12, 2018

WAYNESBORO, Pa. – A Smithsburg woman last Friday went into labor two weeks early and on Saturday at Waynesboro Hospital delivered the third generation to share a March 10 birthday.

The newborn, Trevor, was born on the same date as his mother, Megan, and maternal grandfather Gary Miller.

The odds of the feat are about 48 million to one.

“I kept saying, ‘We’re going to have a baby this weekend,’” said Megan.

“She wanted that, too,” added her husband, Ryan, who said he left for work Friday reminding her that they (medical staff) wouldn’t just let her have their baby boy on a certain date because she wanted it.

Although Megan hoped to deliver March 10, she and her husband had not yet settled on name.

“We didn’t have one picked out until they rolled me into recovery.”

The stay-at-home parent and mother to older siblings Rileigh, 9, and Alden, 5, started having contractions during a stress test Friday following a regular obstetrics appointment.

At one point, staff thought her labor had stalled, but after some sleep, everyone knew they’d have another March 10 birthday before the day was over.

To add to the phenomenon, Trevor weighed in at the exact same poundage his mother did 35 years before – 6 lbs., 9 oz.

Hospital staff helped share in the celebration hours after the Rombergers’ baby was born.

“It was so sweet – all the nurses came in and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to them Saturday night,” said Gary’s wife and Megan’s mother, Dee Miller.

The birthday plans for March 10, 2019? Add a third name and color to the birthday cake they share after their traditional seafood dinner.

“We may need to get a bigger ice-cream cake,” laughed Megan.

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