A piece of student art decorates the wall of an exam room inside the Waynesboro Medical Office Building
Wednesday, March 8, 2017

WAYNESBORO, Pa. – Many patients expect to find a plethora of outdated and torn magazines, faded posters with curled edges, or flyers taped to the walls in waiting rooms or exam rooms at most medical facilities.

The staff of the Waynesboro Medical Office Building has not only spent their first two years in the building working to change and improve patient care, but to revolutionize the entire patient experience.

Staff say the three-story, 57-thousand square-foot building has brought more than multiple medical specialties to the heart of the Waynesboro community, it’s a place where patients have access to the latest medical technology, quality care, and better studied processes to eliminate long waits and wasted patient time.

Still, they wanted to offer patients more than just medical care.

“I simply wanted this building to be ‘home’ to this community,  I want our patients to feel like this is their place, their doctors, where they come for the care they need,” explained Director of Operations at the Waynesboro Medical Office Building, Mandy Bakner.

“Locally we have so many talented artists,” she explained.  “Due to technology I feel as through true raw talented artists have lost their influence on society and often are overlooked and unappreciated.  We decided to turn the building into an art gallery for the community.  It provides conversation, appreciation for local artists, and a place for all to see the talent that exists in our community.”

The first floor of the building features work from the adult Studio Art Club in Waynesboro. Every three months, a different artist from the community provides 18 pieces of framed work to be displayed in exam rooms.

Up a flight of stairs, patients can see works of art by high school students.  Each exam room has a different student’s work.  Most recently, students also designed and painted ceiling tiles that are displayed in the Summit Women’s Group rooms.

The top floor of the building features works by Dr. Toe Thane, a retired radiologist with a passion for photography.

Bakner said plans are already in place for local elementary students to display art work on the other side of the first floor.

“It has been so fun to see this building come alive and to be able to bring the community together for this project,” she said.  “We have more space, and many more ceiling tiles, who knows what might be next.”

In addition to enjoying the art while being seen at the building, patients can also purchase the pieces created by the Studio Art Club.  To view the photos on an online gallery, please click here

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