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Betty Bitner

Knee surgery allows woman to live with few limitations

After having bilateral knee surgery in 2017, Betty Bitner said the only limits she has are the ones she places on herself.Read more


Inspiring trusting relationships, one surgery at a time

Dr. Weiss, an anesthesiologist whose 31 years of experience, has helped carve processes to help bring the greatest comforts to the Dr. Roy A. Himelfarb Surgery Center's smallest patients.Read more


Andrew Lininger, CRNP, of Summit Gastroenterology, discusses colonoscopy screenings with a patient

Recommended health screenings for men

If you can’t prevent a disease, catch it early. Use this guide to find out what tests to discuss with your primary care provider at each stage of your life.Read more


Andrew Lininger, CRNP, of Summit Gastroenterology, pictured with William Myers of Greencastle

Inspiring hope for healthier men: Screenings key to preventing colon cancer

Father’s Day is a day for backyard barbeques, pool parties and endless fun in the sun — but for William Myers of Greencastle, it’s another day to remember his daughter, Dawn.

“To lose a daughter at age 29 is the...Read more


John Culbertson of Shippensburg with Dr. Joshua Dunklebarger

Shippensburg man finds sinus surgery a “game changer” for life

Sometimes a sore throat is not just a sore throat, as John Culbertson of Shippensburg found out in January of 2017.Read more