Doug Lentz (right), of Results Therapy and Fitness, records Jamal Pickett (left), junior at Chambersburg Area Senior High School, sprinting using DartFish technology. Lentz can playback Pickett's performance frame by frame and teach the student-athlete how to change his technique to achieve optimal acceleration.
Wednesday, March 20, 2013

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – Did you know that in some sports, how fast you reach your top speed can be more important than what your top speed actually is?

Did you know sports and physics work together to improve performance?

Doug Lentz, director of fitness and wellness at Results Therapy and Fitness in Chambersburg, recently published an article with co-author Jay Dawes, PhD, Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi, in the Strength and Conditioning Journal, a professional journal for the National Strength and Conditioning Association, titled “Methods of Developing Power to Improve Acceleration for the Non-Track Athlete.”

In the article, Lentz and Dawes provide readers with the physics behind acceleration and tips on how to use that knowledge to improve an athlete’s ability to accelerate quickly.

“Getting up to your top speed quickly is important in sports like football where you are being asked to go in one direction and then slow down and quickly go in the other direction,” Lentz said. “It’s important that coaches know how to train an athlete to speed up and slow down, and to do so without causing injuries.”

Lentz is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has more than 25 years of experience in speed, agility, strength and conditioning training. He has trained athletes at all levels – from high school and college athletes to Olympians.

He is available to coach local athletes through classes he offers at Results Therapy and Fitness in Chambersburg. 

Lentz worked with Neely Spence, a local track star who is now a professional runner, and her father, Olympian runner Steve Spence.

He has co-authored chapters on speed development in books by Human Kinetics Publishers, and he is currently completing his first book with Dawes.

According to Lentz, he has also travelled the world making presentations to other coaches on techniques to improve their athletes’ abilities.

“In January, I presented at The Performance Education Association’s National Conference and Health & Fitness Expo,” Lentz said. “It’s always an honor to be asked to present to my peers, and this conference was no exception. Many of the presenters at this year’s conference are foremost in their fields. So it was an honor to be included with them in the program.”

At Results Therapy and Fitness, Lentz said part of his duties include designing and developing unique work-out plans for Fitness members.

“I can work with you to determine your goals and your current health status,” Lentz explained. “And then I can tailor a program to help you best achieve your goals.”

Results Therapy and Fitness also offers a program to help people who have suffered knee injuries or who have had knee surgery.

“I consult with our excellent team of therapists at Results Therapy all the time,” Lentz said. “And through this program, after you have completed your therapy, I can take over and help you to continue to progress. This program can be especially beneficial for athletes of all ages.”

Lentz said he is always accepting new students for strength and conditioning training, and that Results Fitness is accepting new members.

For more information on Results Therapy and Fitness or to schedule a tour of the Fitness facility, call (717) 262-4650.

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