Tuesday, November 22, 2016

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – The holiday season offers warm feelings with family, football and of course, food. This festive time of year is usually the start of a few extra pounds that many Americans gain during the holidays (and fight the following year to lose).

Dr. Paul Klink, a physician at WellSpan Weight Management Services, offered some tips on how to pull off a healthier holiday season:

  • Smaller plates and silverware reduce calories consumed by lowering your portions, without you even noticing it, and slowing down your eating. Slower eating also means you will feel more satisfied with less food.
  • Avoid high calorie drinks. That way, calories can be put towards food instead. Unsweetened beverages, salad, and fruit/vegetable trays are healthy items to consume before you sit down for the meal.
  • You don’t have to skip dessert. Have a few bites or split it with someone. If you are a guest, don’t take tempting left overs home with you. If you are hosting, try to send the tempting left overs home with your guests.
  • Focus on non-food parts of the holiday and the people you love and care about. You could play some games, help prepare/clean up, go for a walk with your friends/family, or just socialize away from the dining table.

“Enjoy your family and food this Thanksgiving – just be mindful about what you eat,” Dr. Klink said. “You will feel so much better! With a little extra attention, these tips will make this year's holiday much more enjoyable for you and your family.”