Thursday, November 3, 2016

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (11/03/16) – Thursday morning, shortly after 8 a.m. an unfortunate incident occurred at Chambersburg Hospital.

A patient, armed with a knife, started making threats towards a hospital employee.

The employee followed hospital policy, and was not harmed.

Law enforcement responded to the incident.  The patient threatened the officers, and following several attempts to subdue him, he was shot.  The patient is deceased. 

We appreciate and commend the immediate response of our staff and local law enforcement for their successful efforts to keep patients, visitors, and staff members safe.   

We will in this case, and any case where patient safety is involved, review all aspects of this situation.

Pennsylvania State Police are investigating the shooting, and Chambersburg Hospital officials are fully cooperating.

No other patients, visitors or staff members were injured in this incident.

Grief counseling has been made available to staff members and patients.