Tuesday, April 26, 2016

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – In honor of National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, Chambersburg Hospital and Waynesboro Hospital are recognizing the laboratory staff members who serve as crucial parts of the patient healthcare team.

More than 300,000 medical laboratory professionals deliver accurate test results every day throughout the country. The tests are an integral part of assessing patients’ conditions and providing ongoing treatment and care.

“Our laboratory professionals collaborate together to improve patient care and outcomes,” said Pepper Ridilla, administrative director for laboratory services at Waynesboro Hospital. “They are key to the diagnosis and treatment of a range of short-term illnesses and chronic conditions, alike.”

Ridilla added that lab professionals work hard to quickly deliver precise results so patients can get the right treatment sooner if it is needed.

There were 1.3 million lab tests performed at Summit Health facilities in 2015.

Using state-of-the-art technology, laboratory professionals perform tests that lead to the detection of potential health problems; the sooner the disease is caught, the greater the likelihood for a more positive outcome.

Lab services are available at a variety of Summit Health locations, including Chambersburg Hospital and Waynesboro Hospital. For a list of locations, contact details and hours of operation, click here.

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