Despite being hospitalized, 86-year-old Crene Reisinger of Shippensburg was able to get into the spirit of the election Tuesday and cast her vote by emergency absentee ballot with a little help from Chambersburg Hospital staff.
Thursday, November 10, 2016

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – Eighty-six-year-old Crene Reisinger hasn’t missed voting in an election for at least 60 years.

On Nov. 8, she didn’t let a hospitalization prevent her from getting into the spirit of election day or change her commitment to exercise her civic freedom. With assistance from WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital staff members, the Shippensburg resident filled out an absentee ballot, which was sealed and hand-delivered to the Cumberland County Courthouse in Carlisle.

A former high school class president, Reisinger said she has always recognized the importance voting.

“I had three sons and have always encouraged them to take part and vote,” she noted.

Fulfilling patient requests

About 30 patients at WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital and WellSpan Waynesboro Hospital were able to vote Tuesday by emergency absentee ballot.

According to hospital administration, this was just one more way nursing staff members were able to fulfill the needs of their patients Tuesday.

The process began when family members of a few patients approached staff with applications for vote by emergency absentee ballot, asking where they could be notarized.

“The patients had to sign the application and a doctor had to then verify the patient was physically unable to vote in person, a circumstance the patient didn’t know in time to apply for regular absentee ballot,” said Carolyn Clouser, an administrative assistant who helped notarize the applications.

Once applications were notarized, they were delivered to each patient’s respective county courthouse, where they were approved by a judge. Then, the emergency absentee ballots were given to the requesting patients who filled them out, sealed them and gave them to hospital staff to turn them in to the courthouse.