Thursday, March 8, 2018
Timothy Banks with Dr. Safi in the Chambersburg Hospital cardiac cath lab

For 44-year-old Timothy Banks, a local heavy machinery operator, July 18, 2010 started like most summer days.  He remembers it was a hot day, but he was used to working in stifling heat. That morning was alarmingly different.  

“I felt sick, and I actually sat beside my work truck,” he recalls. “Then I felt so bad I laid down right next to my truck.  I had a pain in my chest …it felt like someone was tearing me apart.” Tim was having a major heart attack.

A coworker noticed and immediately called 911.  “The ambulance brought me to Chambersburg Hospital where Dr. Safi saved my life,” Tim explained.  “There was an army there, waiting for me.”

That army quickly got him to the hospital’s Cath Lab where a team of specialists, including interventional cardiologist Dr. Arshad Safi, battled to save Tim’s life. He was awake and conscious for the entire experience, and recalls Dr. Safi talking him though the procedure to placed stents in four major blockages around his heart.

Today, Tim Banks is back to a full work schedule, he quit smoking, and goes for regular follow-up appointments.  He’s also part of a clinical trial headed by Dr. Safi to test a medication to help reduce inflammation in the body to prevent future heart attacks.

Instead of accepting the fee for participating, he donates it back to the cardiology program that saved his life.

“I’m just so grateful to Dr. Safi, the nurses, and all the staff in cardiology because they were there for me. I’m happy to give back to help someone else,” Timothy says.  

He’s in good company.  His cardiologist, Dr. Safi, has supported Chambersburg Hospital with his own charitable giving since 2012.

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