Friday, October 24, 2014
Summit Health Grateful Patient Tim Browning

They have to do more surgery…

It’s hard to stay positive when you’re faced with constant pain, chronic illness and exhausting medical procedures. But that’s just what Tim Browning is - Very positive. And very brave.

Years of coping with diabetes and its complications have led Tim down a winding path with more medical issues than one person should ever have to face.

Diabetic neuropathy (numbness of the feet), heart disease, and poor circulation issues are some of the problems that have resulted in his familiarity with Chambersburg Hospital.

Tim’s a well-known face to many on staff – the Emergency Department, OR, Cardiology Services, and most recently, Chambersburg Hospital’s Wound Care Center.

“I have nothing but praise for the people who work there,” Tim shared. “They were able to do in months what the VA couldn’t do in three years. Every one of them is passionate about their work. They have to be.”

Tim’s referring to the people who provide the new advances in wound care that are available in our area. Established in 2009, the Wound Care Center offers a multi-disciplinary, team approach.

This expert care involves general and vascular surgeons, podiatrists, infectious disease physicians, and certified wound care specialists.

New processes and technology make saving limbs, and lives, easier

Dr. Guthrie, Dr. “E” Esemuede, and Dr. Karli Richards are Tim’s heroes and his friends at the Wound Care Center – Ginger, Carmie, Alicia, Alison, Linda and all the staff there - are his angels.

Tim knows he’s facing more surgeries, more painful recoveries, and more difficult decisions. But he takes each day at a time. And his positive outlook is working for him.

“They got me through it,” Tim said of his most recent surgery and ongoing recovery. "Without access to this wound care, I don’t know what would have happened.”

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