Monday, October 27, 2014
Summit Health Grateful Patient Roni Gingrich

I was at home when the pain hit. It was terrible. My husband, concerned and alarmed, rushed me to the Emergency Room. It was the beginning of a painful, stressful, and difficult illness that required an unexpected surgery six days after admission, followed by six more days in the hospital to recover. It was one of the scariest times of my life, but I’m so grateful that we have such excellent health care facilities and superb caregivers here in our hometown. Here’s my story…

After the surgery to correct the compression in my bowel, I was moved to the area of the hospital referred to as Five Main. Here I encountered some of the most professional and caring nursing staff I’d ever met.

I was frightened, in severe pain at times, and I really missed my family. The nurses on Five Main came to my side immediately when I called for pain medication, even though they were busy with many other patients. Each took time to explain - in understandable terms - about my condition, my surgery, and my subsequent recovery. Several of my nurses even told me that they thought of me on their days off! To me, that was a true sign of their commitment to the patients they care for, and care about.

I think the most indelible memory of my experience was the kindness shown to my five-year old daughter. After nine days of being apart –a first for both of us–my nurses were wonderful about helping her into my bed to snuggle. They understood both of our emotional needs and responded with compassion. My daughter, concerned and uncertain when she arrived, went home reassured after her visit. And, I too felt rejuvenated by that very special time with my little one.

I commend your staff for always going above and beyond to help me through a difficult illness. Their kindness, care, and consideration – particularly when it came to extending visiting hours for my husband, older daughter, and son – made all of us feel better! My family and I will never forget the kindness and excellent care I was given at Chambersburg Hospital.

Keep up the great work!

Roni Sue Gingrich
Mom, Wife, Elementary School Office Manager, and Grateful Patient

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