Thursday, December 4, 2014
Summit Health Grateful Patient Lorraine Burkholder

Up a long, dusty lane in rural Chambersburg, you'll find a stone farmhouse sitting

among tall trees and well-manicured shrubs. Inside, you'll find Lorraine Burkholder, 64,
a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and, a cancer survivor.

"I knew I was supposed to start getting yearly mammograms when I was 40, but I had put it off," Lorraine said. "After my children urged me to get my mammogram, I made my first appointment. I was already 50. I didn't realize it at the time, but that decision to start getting yearly mammograms saved my life."

This is Lorraine’s Story
Fourteen years and 14 annual mammograms later, Lorraine's doctor saw something suspicious in the digital mammogram she had at Waynesboro Hospital.

"I knew that 80% of suspicious areas in the breast turn out to be benign," Lorraine noted. "I just didn't think anything would be wrong."

A breast biopsy performed by surgeon Terrence McKee, MD, of Summit Surgical Group – Waynesboro, revealed cancer.

Surgery was quickly scheduled. "I just wanted to get this taken care of, and stay strong for my family," Lorraine recalled. Dr. McKee performed a left breast lumpectomy with sentinel node dissection at Waynesboro Hospital.

After surgery, she met with medical oncologist John Robinson, MD, of Summit Cancer and Hematology Services. Dr. Robinson decided that Lorraine did not need to have chemotherapy treatment, but that they would discuss hormonal therapy following her radiation treatments.

Under the care of Shaju Shamsuddin, MD, radiation oncologist with Summit Cancer and Hematology Services, Lorraine received 33 radiation treatments using the high-tech TomoDirect/IMRT unit available in Chambersburg.

"Treatment wasn't bad at all," Lorraine said with a smile. "The staff at the radiation oncology center were very nice and they made me feel very comfortable. They are special people."

Lorraine’s friends and family play an important role in her recovery too. "The support and prayers of my family, church family, and friends were a necessary part of helping me through this experience," Lorraine said.

Get Your Mammograms
Because of early detection and state-of-the-art cancer care, Lorraine Burkholder is continuing to do her favorite things like reading and playing with her grand-children.

"I encourage others to get their mammograms," Lorraine said. "I didn't have a lump that could be felt, and it is scary to think how this would have turned out if I hadn't had my yearly mammograms."

Cancer free, Lorraine Burkholder is living life to the fullest. Lorraine is proud to be a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. And now, she is also proud to be a breast cancer survivor.

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