Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Summit Health Grateful Patient Kathy Mollett

Hometown Hospitality

December 15, 2012, began like any other day for Kathy Mollett. A busy Saturday for her and husband Terry getting ready for the holidays.

That morning as she was getting a K-cup for her Keurig coffee machine Kathy felt lightheaded. She passed out for a moment, injuring her left foot as she fell to the floor.

Concerned that she may have seriously hurt herself, Terry insisted they go to the emergency department at Chambersburg Hospital.

Overnight Observation

Doctors examined Kathy thoroughly. “They were really more concerned with finding out why I passed out,” Kathy recalls. As a precaution, the doctor asked Kathy to stay overnight for observation.

That's when Kathy crossed paths with an exceptional nurse, Patricia Murdock.

“Patty was assigned to me that day. From the moment she introduced herself, I felt at ease,” recalls Kathy. "With Patty, it seemed like nursing wasn't just a job. She puts her heart and soul into her work."

An Exceptional Nurse

As they talked Kathy learned that her nurse drove over an hour each way to get to work.

“Why in the world don't you work at a hospital closer to where you live?” Kathy asked, amazed at the distance. “I just like it here,” Patty replied.

Caring Recognition

Registered Nurse, Patricia “Patty” Murdock began caring for patients at Chambersburg Hospital in June, 2008. In Chambersburg Hospital’s Preceptorship Program (nurse-to-nurse mentoring) she trained with now retired veteran nurse, Betty Davis. She also completed the hospital’s 18-month Nurse Residency Program.

It’s not the first time Patty’s been singled out for being an exceptional nurse. In 2009, Patty was one of the first caregivers to be recognized through the Grateful Patient Program. The program was established so patients have a tangible way to thank those who have made a difference for them. Patty was honored with a charitable gift to the hospital she loves from a patient grateful for her caring ways.

“I just treat people like they are my family,” Patty says about her recognition.

King Street Patient Tower

In addition to having a wonderful nurse during her overnight hospital stay, Kathy Mollett was one of the first patients in the new patient tower. She and Terry are happy with the improvements. They like the spaciousness of the room and the fact that it is private.

“You don't have to deal with someone who snores. When that happens you just don't get any rest,” Kathy said.

If you ask Nurse Patty what she likes most about the new patient rooms, she’ll tell you it’s good for patients to have privacy.

Kathy “Gets the Boot”

In the end, Kathy Mollett’s fainting episode turned out to be nothing serious. A closer look at her x-ray however, revealed Kathy has a broken toe. “Evidently they’re hard to see if you’re not a specialist who looks at these things all the time,” Kathy mused good-naturedly. Kathy's walking around in a “boot” while her toe heals. Overall, she and Terry are happy to be healthy.

Hometown Hospitality

Like her special nurse, Kathy Mollett is a very caring individual. She worries about Patty’s long drive ‘over the mountain’ especially when the weather is bad.

Next time snow falls, Kathy plans on inviting her new friend to stay at her home. Talk about hometown hospitality!

Thank you, Patricia Murdock, R.N., for providing outstanding care. And thank you Kathy Mollett for telling us about Patty and for sharing your own personal experience.

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