Summit Health Grateful Patient Jim Bittner

Grateful Heart Patient

January 20 is not a date that the average person would remember. But for Jim Bittner of Sabillasville, Maryland, it’s a date he will never forget.

This is a true story.

It began with pain under his left breast. Minutes later a friend arrived at the door of Waynesboro Hospital’s Emergency Room with 72 year-old James G. Bittner in obvious distress.

The emergency team at Waynesboro Hospital assessed his situation, drew blood, did an EKG, determined Jim was having a heart attack, spoke with a cardiologist, and initiated life-saving treatment while coordinating transfer to Chambersburg Hospital.

“Thanks to your staff and facilities I was quickly diagnosed with heart blockages and promptly stabilized,” wrote Jim in a letter to hospital administrators.

Highly-trained Advanced Care Life Support personnel delivered Jim into the waiting hands of skilled heart specialist, Arshad Safi, M.D., at Chambersburg Hospital within 27 minutes. In the care of Dr. Safi, Jim received life-saving heart stents in the hospital’s award-winning Cardiac Cath Lab within 10 minutes.

Jim’s letter continues “…Your alert and able personnel [at Waynesboro Hospital] had me transported to Chambersburg Hospital and within several hours my problems were relieved with stents. This action literally saved my life.”

What Jim didn’t know at the time was the entire episode, from Waynesboro Hospital to catheterization at Chambersburg Hospital, took 37 minutes. The national average is 90.

All Jim knew, or cared about, was he was in good hands.

“Please extend my thanks to your staff from the heart surgeons to the housekeepers. They performed with a manner of confidence and courtesy that gave me peace of mind during my troubled time.”

Jim is grateful for a second chance. Today he is back to doing the things he loves.

Jim’s real life story highlights the outstanding heart care available for you and your loved ones every day. In another place the outcome could have been drastically different. Your local health professionals – who are also your friends and neighbors – are truly exceptional at what they do.

Did you know you play a role in this wonderful story? Through your charitable gifts you help insure we have local hospitals with health specialties like cardiac and cancer care available. Can you imagine our communities without them? Caring for our community takes teamwork. As you see, your hospitals work hand in hand.

At Waynesboro Hospital and Chambersburg Hospital you are cared for by gifted physicians, highly skilled technicians and top-notch nursing staff.

All those front line caregivers are supported by behind-the-scenes experts in dietary, house-keeping, IT, and pharmacy, just to name a few, who ensure seamless health care delivery.

Hospitals like yours face rapidly diminishing reimbursements while costs continue to skyrocket. But through thick and thin, good times and bad, your hospitals and health care affiliates strive to provide you and your family the best care available.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your charitable support. Every dollar you give is crucial to making sure stories like Jim Bittner’s continue to happen.

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