Friday, November 14, 2014
Summit Health Grateful Patient Florence Sterner

It's a brand new day for Florence

She has a new hip, a new best friend, and some wonderful memories from her visit to Chambersburg Hospital.

Florence Sterner, or Floss as she is known to her family and friends, has long-endured the ravages of arthritis. A retired R.N. and former manager of a Philadelphia area hospital's 10-bed rehabilitation unit, she is no stranger to health care.

But this time Florence was the patient. In January, Dr. Roger Robertson gave her a total hip replacement and lengthened her left leg.

"This was my first time at Chambersburg Hospital - I'm a transfer from the Philadelphia area. You are top notch! Everyone was kind, considerate, and professional" Florence wrote in her follow up survey.

It was while recuperating in the Chambersburg Hospital Rehabilitation Unit that Floss met her roommate, Carol*. They became instant friends and still keep in contact now that they are home.

"We'd pretend we were on a cruise ship. The food was delicious… presented with fresh fruit and the roast beef was wonderful! The staff was exceptional - always smiling - no one acted like they were too busy to answer questions." Florence warmly recalls.

But it wasn't a cruise ship. It was hard work. Chris Parker was one of Florence's therapists. "Her background in nursing and rehab helped with problem-solving when it came to her particular physical therapy" Chris recalls. But what he remembers most is her winning personality "She brightened up the unit when she rolled in."

With the help of a home evaluation from Chris, Florence is back in the house she shares with her daughter, Diane. Her other daughter, Kristina, is not far away. Florence is grateful for the three women to be together in the same town again.

About her experience in the hospital, Florence says "I am impressed with my care at Chambersburg Hospital. Miracles happen in rehab!"

* name changed to protect patient confidentiality.

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