Monday, December 1, 2014
Summit Health Grateful Patient Don Bowers

Near-death Experience

For Don Bowers, August 17th started out like any other beautiful sunny summer day. With his morning’s work done, Don felt content. He was looking forward to playing an afternoon round of golf.

Don’s wife Debbie was busy in the kitchen making BLTs. Don took his two dogs, 13-week-old Chihuahua puppies out for a quick walk before he and Debbie sat down to eat lunch.

Don and Debbie had recently adopted the two dogs, naming them Timmy and Tucker. They’d hoped the new puppies would help ease the pain of recently losing their long-time companion, Boogie.

The puppies raced ahead, tumbling and playing. Don was just rounding the corner of the house to follow when he heard a terrible squeal. Little Timmy dashed past him uninjured but terrified. Don saw the reason. As he scooped up the other pup, a nest of angry black wasps began their vicious assault.

The swarm attacked stinging Don over and over as he sprinted toward the house with the little dog tucked under his arm.

Once inside, Don turned his concern to the puppies. He had been stung numerous times but mercifully tiny Tucker was stung only once on the top of his head. Timmy escaped without harm.

Shaken by the incident, but finally satisfied that the little dog wasn’t seriously injured, Don and Debbie sat down to eat their lunch.

That’s when Don’s day got a little crazier…

“Don told me he didn’t feel right,” Debbie recalls.

“When he tried to stand up he pitched forward. I grabbed him from behind and got him down to the floor. I didn’t know what was wrong with him.”

Debbie called 911 and an ambulance rushed Don to the Waynesboro Hospital. Emergency personnel there jumped into action to assess Don’s condition. Once stabilized, he was moved to the Intensive Care Unit.

“I can remember someone talking to me in the ambulance… then a doctor with glasses in the Emergency Room was asking questions. I remember I was really cold. Somebody brought me a warmed blanket and it felt so good,” Don recollects.

Three days later, Don was able to return home to his family.

Now Don carries an Epi-Pen, an adrenaline syringe used to counteract allergic reactions, and always on guard for wasps.

Don is grateful to be alive today and he credits Waynesboro Hospital: “It’s no exaggeration. They SAVED MY LIFE.

“I have to give praise to everyone from housekeeping, the nurses, the Emergency Room staff, the ICU, all the way up to Drs, Kehr, Lewis and Dagen, my highest praise,” Don wrote,

I am sure you are proud of all your employees. I am very grateful to them all. Please share this letter with them. I want them to know how grateful I am for helping me stay alive for another day.”

Waynesboro Hospital - Great People. Great Care.

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