Dear Friends,

My wife, Beverly, and I attended a Donor Appreciation Luncheon this year. As participants through Employee Giving at Waynesboro Hospital since 2012, we’ve had the pleasure of being guests at this annual event for several years now. This year as I watched the program unfold, I was struck by how few people were in attendance.

Just a little food for thought… If 500 community members and employees were to give $500 annually (that’s less than $10 a week) it would amount to $250,000. That would surely have some impact and make a difference!

We give through my wife’s payroll deduction plan. It makes it easy. The donation is taken out automatically from each pay and we don’t miss it. We get a statement at the end of the year for our charitable tax deduction.

Beverly and I believe Waynesboro Hospital is a great institution and a great place to work. Its reputation in the community is impeccable. To maintain that status it takes quality people.

Simply put, it takes money to provide and maintain the facilities and to get the latest in technological equipment available necessary to provide the best possible treatment.

I can only ask you to give it some thought. Help take care of the place that takes care of you. Those of you who believe in the attitude of paying it forward, here is an opportunity to do just that.

Thank You,

Bob Kranzler

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