Friday, June 5, 2015

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – Memorial Day may have been the unofficial start of summer, but sun protection should be a year-round habit – not just in the summer months.

Dr. Wayne Ledinh of SummitPlastic Surgery & SkinCareCenter, an affiliate of Summit Health, is encouraging everyone to keep their skin safe and be on the lookout for any changes.

“If you’re noticing changes in your skin, you’ll want to mention that to your doctor,” he said. “It’s important to know your body and ask questions.”

For instance, dry, scaly areas on your skin could be a warning sign, especially if they are redder than the surrounding skin. Moles that are changing color, shape, or border are also a possible warning sign.

“Additionally, there’s no such thing as a safe tan – whether from the sun or in a tanning bed,” Dr. Ledinh said. “Once you’ve tanned or burned, the damage has been done. Moisturizing after a burn may provide relief, but it’s not going to prevent skin cancer.”

“The best way to prevent skin cancer is to protect your skin from damage,” he said. Some tips include keeping skin covered, wearing UV protecting sunglasses, wearing a wide-brim hat, and, of course, wearing sunscreen.

“It doesn’t really matter which sunscreen you use. The biggest thing is to look at the Sun Protection Factor, or SPF, and make sure it’s 30 or more,” Dr. Ledinh said. “Make sure to reapply sunscreen every couple of hours as well.”

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