Congratulations to Amy Kann, LPN, for being chosen as the May DAISY Nurse Award winner for Chambersburg Hospital.
Wednesday, May 30, 2018

 Amy was nominated by the patient's daughter, Kim, who wrote:

  "While my dad suffered a stroke and heart attack, both on the same day in May of 2014, Amy was on duty and was so helpful in preparing us in what to look forward to, and what tests were going to be done to rule things out until he was admitted to the floor. Well, over the next three years we were in and out of the hospital several times. When on duty, Amy seemed to be there supporting us, talking to us even just to say, "Hi, I'm thinking of you guys." Amy was also busy with others in the department and the patients assigned to her rooms.

In 2016, Amy saw that I was in a horrible state of mind, crying and upset as to what to do next to best help my dad, as well as my mom who was then his sole caretaker and failing in some health herself with the duties. Amy came to me and sat with me for a minute or two, and said, "What can I do to help you and your family?" Amy helped us figure out how to get home health help by setting me up with the social workers in the hospital. Amy saw that the family was in distress and went above and beyond to make a few calls to help us. We had helped set up the day we came home a week later.
On September 1, 2017, my dad's final day of suffering, he was transported to the hospital by ambulance and pronounced deceased. The hospital doctor in the emergency room that day was also awesome. I didn't know if they can be DAISY's, but he was wonderful. Low and behold, Amy was there. She came to the family and hugged me and cried a few tears as well. We had come to know Amy very well and we are grateful that she was on duty. My dad fought a good fight and I could almost always depend on Amy being there to talk to me and show her deepest, true concern. Amy has the empathy and support for families that need assurance, and just someone to take a minute to say, "I care," more than, you are just a patient.
To me, Amy is more of an angel that was sent to be on duty almost every time we were there in a stressful situation, even when she wasn't assigned to us as our nurse. Amy would see me and stop in trying to help ease the pain and changes we took on each time something new came about with my dad's health.
Amy is an AWESOME nurse! She is very deserving to be recognized and thanked for all she does in the emergency room. Amy takes being a nurse beyond what is expected."

Congratulations, Amy!