Congratulations to Megan Smith, RN for being chosen as the January DAISY Nurse Award winner for Chambersburg Hospital
Friday, February 15, 2019

Wilma has spent time in the hospital five times this year and on her last visit in September she was very low.  Her nurse that day was very special and we as a family want to let it be known in this special way.

We as a family spent the day in the room not knowing whether we would be saying goodbye.  Megan not only took exceptional care of her but was also there for us.  She provided everything she could for our comfort.

 One thing that really stood out to Lester (Wilmer’s husband) was when he was crying he felt a touch and Megan was handing him a tissue.  It does not seem like much, but just shows how compassionate Megan is. 

When Wilma was moved from the room later in the day after responding well, Lester was touched with Megan’s response in wishing us well.  The look in her eyes showed us she was sincere.

We wish God’s blessing on Megan and hope this is an encouragement for her to continue to supply this care for other patients. May she always feel fulfillment in her work as a nurse.


 Congratulaion, Megan!