Congratulations to Amanda Lorshbaugh, RN for being chosen as the April DAISY Nurse Award winner for Chambersburg Hospital. Amanda is pictured with Elyse Fisler, Vice President of Patient Services for Chambersburg Hospital; and the grateful patient's mother, Melissa.
Monday, April 30, 2018

Amanda was nominated by her pediatric patient's mother, Melissa, who wrote:

"My son was set up to have his tonsils and adenoids removed.  He was 2-years-old, and I was told that he would be staying overnight to monitor his breathing, etc.  As a mother, I was crushed knowing my child had to have anesthesia and a stay overnight.

I have always gone to Waynesboro and that was my comfort zone, but Chambersburg was the only option.  As we made it through the procedure we were taken to the room where the initial nurse got us set up and ready to go and then handed us off to Amanda Lorshbaugh.

I couldn’t have asked for a better nurse to make it through the worst part of the aftermath. Amanda really talked to C, not just me but him.  She conversed with him and tried to make him smile.  She took the time that was needed not only for him but made me comfortable as well.  This did not just come off as her job but the love she has for patients and children really shined through.  She was very personable, and I could really talk to her.

Amanda also later came in with a handmade Valentine’s Day card for him since it wasValentine’s Day.  Then when he was starting to get nuts from sitting in the room she brought in this little car and walked around the hall with us showing us where we could go.  He loved it and it distracted him from always being in the room.  I was almost sad when Amanda’s shift was up, and we were handed off to another nurse.  She was great and made the experience for me and C 100 times better.

As I close the story I want to share that I took my daughter to dance the following week and I was speaking to a lady whose 8-month-old was in the same hospital for RSV. She said to me, “I had one nurse that I loved who made me feel more positive and helped more than anything and her name was Amanda.”  I then told her my story as well.  Amanda has really impacted the patients she cares for and really makes the parents feel at ease and well taken care of.  She is a great nurse. Amanda, thank you, from all of us!"