Participants show off the FitBit devices they won by participating in a weight loss challenge
Wednesday, September 2, 2015

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – Although the overall goal of a recent program was to give employees the motivation and drive to become healthier and lose weight, participants say they are more pleased with what they gained through the process.

A group of Summit Physicians Services employees recently won free FitBit devices and other prizes for their participation and success with the two-part weight loss challenge, but say the health benefits they’ve gained through making healthier changes are the best reward.

“I took this challenge because I was absolutely miserable. My clothes didn't fit, my cholesterol numbers were high, I was short of breath just doing minor chores and taking walks. I knew that I had to step up and strive for a healthier lifestyle,” explained Carol Flory, a billing specialist with SPS.

“The FitBit and cash prizes that were awarded were an awesome incentive, but the best incentive in the end was how I feel now. My cholesterol numbers have significantly come down. I am not only walking, but I am doing a walk/jog regimen.”

The first part of the challenge, called “I can do this,” was a team challenge where participants weighed in each week.  During the 12 week span of this challenge, 42 teams lost a combined total of 1,675 pounds.

During the second portion of the contest, “Let’s Keep Going,” individuals competed for an additional 12 weeks.  Employees who lost 10 percent or more of their body weight were awarded with a free FitBit.  Out of 210 participants, 33 individuals lost enough weight to win the FitBit.

Organizer of the challenge, Jordan Statler, said the original goal of the program was to help employees get healthier as a part of the SPS wellness program, but that it morphed into much more.

“This challenge has been extremely successful and I am amazed by the results.  I have talked with some of our ‘biggest losers’ and this challenge has changed their lives,” he said.

Summit Physician Services is the division of Summit Health that supports the physician practices throughout the Summit Health network.