Discharge Day party
Staff of the Critical Care Unit at Waynesboro Hospital recently held a 'Discharge-Day' party for one-month-old Kylian Bunting.
Friday, December 28, 2018

WAYNESBORO, Pa. – Kylian Bunting of Chambersburg had the best birthday a one-month-old could hope for – the infant recently was thrown a “Discharge-Day” celebration after spending nearly a third of his short life in Waynesboro Hospital’s Critical Care Unit.

The small, but meaningful gesture happened to coincide with his one-month birthday and came at the suggestion of Kylian’s pediatrician, Dr. Arnauld Oreste of Keystone Pediatrics. Staff members were more than happy to oblige.

Waynesboro Hospital Director of Patient Services Melissa Dick enjoyed seeing how close staff had become with the tiny patient and his family.

“Mom was really touched and surprised – I think it meant a lot to her that people cared about her and her baby so much,” she explained. “It was really exciting to … be part of their celebration.”

The party included cake, gifts and balloons.

She noted that while the staff did it as an act of kindness for the baby and his family, it was beneficial for them, too.

“It was very uplifting,” she said. “We had a stretch of really hard things, really difficult things, really sad things. So, it was as good for the staff as it was for the family.”

Dr. Oreste said, as a pediatrician, he places importance on not only treating the children in his care, but caring for the parents, as well.

“Mom was stressed … and then, we gave her a small moment of time – of happiness. That should be our work here in the hospital; give happiness to both moms and the babies.”

He added the party couldn’t have happened without the entire staff.

“Together, we did it. I didn’t do anything. This is a very good group.”

Dick agreed and said the close bond shared by staff spills over to the care provided to community members.

“I think the culture is special here. It’s really cool.”



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