Thank you for your interest in Summit Health’s Shadowing & Observation Program. This program is designed to allow college and high school students the opportunity to explore the many career options that exist within Summit Health. This educational experience is for observation only; no hands-on contact is permitted with any patient. Please note if you are over 18 years of age a background check will be completed.


This program is designed to offer individuals over the age of 16 an opportunity to spend several hours observing a health care professional to gain knowledge of a health care field of interest to them throughout the Summit Health facilities. Individuals may be in high school, college or adults considering a career change. Some departments are restricted or have made limitations on the number of hours an individual is able to observe. Most observations are scheduled Monday-Friday during day shifts.

Provider Observations-Physicians/APPs (Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants)

This program is designed to offer students over the age of 16 time to observe a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant throughout the Summit Health facilities. Student observers are required to find their own sponsoring Summit Health employee and remain under the supervision of the sponsoring employee at all times.

Please submit all of the required paperwork at least 2 weeks prior to the date that you are requesting to observe. As an observation student it is your responsibility to find a preceptor and to meet the Program Coordinator to obtain your student badge prior to your start date.

We are committed to providing students with learning experiences throughout our organization. Students interested in health professions, as well as individuals enrolled in academic programs of study, will find a wide range of opportunities for learning and professional development at Summit Health.

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