Drop Your Drawers Fashion Show 2017
Pictured, left to right, are: Melissa Bradley, Ricky Stoy, Linda Vassallo and John Martin. The foursome shared their journeys with weight loss and how bariatric surgery has changed their lives at a recent bariatric support group hosted by Summit Surgical Group – Chambersburg.
Friday, July 7, 2017

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – Many articles of clothing belonging to Melissa Bradley, Ricky Stoy, Linda Vassallo and John Martin no longer fit – not because they’ve outgrown them, but because they have shrunk out of them.

The four locals showed off weight loss progress with pieces from their former wardrobes and shared post-bariatric surgery journeys at a recent bariatric support group meeting and annual “Drop Your Drawers” fashion show.

“With a lot of patience and dedication, these four have reached milestones in their weight-loss journeys. They’ve worked hard to adhere to the guidelines that accompany weight-loss surgery,” said Bariatric Manager Jackie Washington of Summit Surgical Group, who facilitates the support group. “Their progress and stories help inspire others. I’m so proud of them!”

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