Infographic: When to stay home from school

A tip sheet for when you're not sure whether to send your child to school.


Infographic: Packing a healthy school lunch

Simple tips to create a healthy lunch for your child.

Mother and daughter

Infographic: Back to school sleep tips

Sleep can impact you child's performance in school. Get back into a healthy sleep routine.

Child at bus stop

6 simple safety tips

Follow these simple tips to help steer your child on the right path for a healthy year ahead.

Children washing hands

Hand washing tips

Back to school means back to germs. Here are some quick tips for effective hand washing.

Tired student

Getting adequate sleep

Healthy sleep habits will help children perform better in the classroom.

Student eating lunch

Healthy lunches kids love

Here are some packed-lunch ideas to keep your conscience clear and your children satisfied.


Vaccine requirements for Pa. schools

Rules in Pennsylvania have changed. Make sure your child has his or her needed immunizations.

Group of teens

Immunization resources

Learn more about vaccines for children and teens.

Girl playing soccer

Sports physicals

Need a sports physical? Stop by Urgent Care or Summit FastCare. No appointment needed.


Help stop bullying

Find tips to identify signs of bullying, help stop it, and instill kindness in children.

Photo of two children sharing

Bullying and suicide prevention

Additional resources for parents to respond to bullying and help nurture resilience in their children.