Monday, August 17, 2015

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (Aug. 17, 2015) – With back to school season comes upcoming fall sports, and if your child is participating in a sport this year they may need to get a physical.

Chambersburg Urgent Care and Shippensburg Urgent Care are now offering $30 sports physicals – no appointment needed!

Both convenient locations are open daily – including holidays – from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

  • Chambersburg Urgent Care
    1000 Norland Ave., Chambersburg
    (717) 263-6363
  • Shippensburg Urgent Care
    46 Walnut Bottom Road, Shippensburg
    (717) 477-2764

Once the season starts, Chambersburg Urgent Care and Shippensburg Urgent Care can treat any bumps or bruises that come along the way, both on and off the field.

For more information, visit

How do I know where to go?

Walk-in Care, like our facility in Greencastle, offers treatment for common, non-life threatening conditions, such as colds, coughs, and flu symptoms.

Urgent Care, like our facilities in Chambersburg and Shippensburg, is similar, but offers expanded service hours and enhanced services for treatment of an illness or condition that requires care within 24 hours to avoid further complications.

Some of the services available include treatment for:

  • Illnesses, such as cold & flu
  • Injuries, such as sprains & strains
  • Sports Physicals
  • Sinus Infections & Seasonal Allergies
  • Sore Throat & Strep Throat
  • Ear Pain & Ear Infections
  • Minor Trauma, Burns & Cuts
  • Rashes & Poison Ivy

The Emergency Department is available for life-threatening conditions and other illnesses and injuries. If you are experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, loss of consciousness, severe headache, severe abdominal pain, or severe bleeding, please go to the nearest hospital emergency department or call 911.

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