Grateful words about Great people

Commendations and donations in honor of our wonderful medical staff are starting to arrive in the Development Office!

These tributes support your hospitals, special programs, and vital health care services for our community.

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George W. Baker, Jr., MD

  • "We are grateful because he is a compassionate doctor, caring for many people through the years. He was my employer for eleven years, the best employer in my working career."

 Wallace Brubaker, Jr., MD

  • " We are grateful because you have been an excellent doctor--Your compassion & honesty & understanding has been a true blessing to us. God Bless you!"

Michael R. Cashdollar, MD

  • "In memory of my wife, his care and friendship toward her and my family."

Cho Cho, MD

  • "Thank you for patiently taking care of me."

Rose M. Dagen, DO

  • “Dr. Dagen is a very caring, efficient cardiologist. The top-quality care for each patient is always given. She is always available to answer questions.  She deserves recognition.  Thank you.”

Donald P. DeLorenzo, Jr., MD*

  • "We are grateful because Dr. DeLorenzo is so kind and passionate. He always has time to listen."
  • "I am type 1 diabetic and diabetes is under control."

Aaron E. George, DO

  • "We are grateful because of kindness to help when we are sick or need help. You are a great doctor. Always take time to explain things to us."

Louis L. Glass, MD

  • "I am feeling health wise after all those kidney stones and blockage removed."

Margery A. Gordon, DO

  • "I am grateful because she is kind, caring and thoughtful. She's thorough and makes sure we've gone over all our concerns."

Fawaz Z. Hakki, MD

  • “We want to honor Dr. Hakki for the wonderful care he gives. Many patients come from a distance to see him. He listens, is easy to talk with, and gives top quality care.  Thank you.”

David A. Hoffman, MD

  • “We are grateful because your leadership for care management and your care and compassion for our patients! You are appreciated.”

Anthony G. Johnson, MD*

  • "I am grateful because of his professional care/expertise!"

Jeffrey S. Lutton, MD

  • " I am grateful because of hip replacement surgery; so pleased with the results!”

Thomas P. Orndorff, MD

  • " We are grateful because he is always there--caring, concerned and totally professional."

Timothy T. Owolabi, MD

  • " We are grateful because your leadership for care management and your care and compassion for our patients! You are appreciated."

Anthony E. Patterson, PhD, MD

  • "We are grateful because Dr. Patterson is a very caring and compassionate physician. I never feel rushed during my appointments."

Heather A. Pauli, DO

  • " Pauli is an outstanding doctor and professional. I truly appreciate what she is doing and continues to do for me and my back. A super and caring person and physician. Thank you Dr. Pauli."

Jehanzeb Qureshi, MD

  • "We are grateful because he is patient and listens very carefully."

Paul J. Quesenberry, MD*

  • "We are grateful because Dr. Quesenberry gives us such wonderful care. Thank you."
  • “We are grateful because of his guidance and care. I have remained healthy
    and active at my very senior age.”

Roger J. Robertson, MD*

  • "We are grateful because two new knees - steel plates in left leg, trigger finger, plus great man."

Arshad M. Safi, FACC, FSCAI, MD*

  • "I am grateful because he helped to save my life. Dr. Safi is a great doctor."

Mark A. Swartz, MD

  • "I am grateful because of the wonderful care and kindness given by Dr. Swartz and his staff to me, my deceased husband, all my extended family and friends."

Aylmer C. Tang, MD

  • "We are grateful Because of everything he has done for our pap."

Physician Tributes received without comments honor the following physicians:

All doctors in the E.R.

Betsie Figueroa-Cruz, MD, FACC

Stephen B. Flack, MD

Stephen J. Rettig

Roger J. Robertson, MD*

John F. Robinson, MD

Arshad M. Safi, FACC, FSCAI, MD*

Robert J. Ternes, MD*

Commendations for Advanced Practice Professionals

Eileen L. Hissong, CRNP

  • "I am grateful because she makes you feel comfortable and gets to the problem."

Anthony J. Manney, PA-C

  • "We are grateful because the staff at Norland is friendly and helpful. Mr. Manney has been very helpful to Mary June and me."

Lori A. Spence, MSN, RN, AGPCNP-BC

  • "I am thankful for all she does for me."

Commendations for Service Areas

Chambersburg Hospital Physical Therapy Department

  • " For the care and individual attention given to all patients by the entire staff of the department.”

To all my great doctors

  • “We are grateful because of all yours' kindness and good care!"

These tributes support your hospitals, special programs, and vital health care services for our community. Thank you!


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