South Central Community Action Programs, Inc.

The Gleaning Project - This is a community engagement initiative designed to feed and nourish the under-resourced of Franklin County with fresh locally grown produce that would otherwise be wasted.

Summit Physician Services/Waynesboro Hospital

Franklin County Paramedic Collaborative - The Medic Unit, based out of Waynesboro, provides daily coverage 4 hours Monday through Friday, scheduling appointments based on referrals, following discharged patients, drawing blood, performing environmental safety checks or completing medication  reconciliations. 

Waynesboro Community and Human Services

Community Nurse Project Expansion - This program will provide professional health care services in the home for low income residents, educate clients about their health problems and related positive self-care practices, and focus outreach to community organizations to obtain basic human supports such as health insurance and transportation.

Summit Physician Services

Community Health Worker Program - This program will serve as a link or liaison between the health/social services and the community to facilitate access to services, increase health knowledge and self-sufficiency, improve quality and cultural competence of service delivery, close health care gaps.

Chambersburg Hispanic American Center

Prepare Your Child for Preschool or Kindergarten at Home - This grant will offer a 5-week, 10 session bilingual program for low-income Hispanic parents of infants and toddlers that will enable them to create activities at home promoting cognitive, social, and emotional development of their children.

Noah's House Recovery Homes

Recovery and Support Services - Noah’s House offers a home to 15 males in Franklin County that is conducive to long-term recovery through a loving, supportive environment. Noah’s house offers an atmosphere of accountability and support, navigating everyone to supporting agencies that will address drug/alcohol, mental health, and physical needs.  Noah’s House will promote long-term recovery through optimal opportunities that will result in change.

Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition

Hound Packs Program - This program will provide weekend backpacks filled with nutritious food for children and their families with food insecurity in the Shippensburg Area School District. The food selected will include fruits and vegetables. Volunteers from partnerships will purchase, pick up, prepare, and deliver the backpacks to Shippensburg schools.  Families will be selected by the school guidance counselors.  The children will pick up their Hound Pack at the end of the day on Friday and return the empty bag on Monday.

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