Brought to you by Summit Health and Healthy Franklin County as part of the Get Fit Franklin County movement

Stepping Into Spring 2018 is a free 12-week community walking challenge designed to promote wellness by encouraging participants to walk more often during the day.  It is a fun and effective way to increase your physical activity levels.

Who can participate?

This challenge is open to anyone in the community.  Any community member and or employee of participating employers can participate, including spouses, children, co-workers and or friends.

When is the challenge?

Challenge begins: Monday, February 12

Challenge ends: Sunday, May 6

What is the step goal?

The step goal is 70,000 steps per week.  Broken out evenly, this is 10,000 steps per day, however, we know some days it can be easy or difficult to get 10,000 steps in, so we are using a weekly vs. daily goal.

NOTE: Participants are encouraged to complete at least 7,000 – 8,000 steps per day to meet the CDC’s recommendation of at least 150 minutes of moderate activity a week.

What can I win?

  • Each week, participants who are actively participating by submitting steps will be entered ONE time into a random weekly drawing to win a $25 Visa giftcard or sponsored giftcard.
  • Each week, participants who are actively participating by submitting steps AND complete the goal of 70,000 steps that week will be entered TWO times into the random weekly drawing to win a $25 Visa giftcard or sponsored giftcard.
  • Grand prize for the individual logging the most steps for the entire challenge.
  • Grand prize for the team logging the most steps for the entire challenge.
  • Employer with the most participants will be recognized.
  • Most importantly, you win the opportunity for improved health!

How do I register?

Registration is required to participate. Registration will be open for the entire length of the challenge, but please note by registering after the start date, you will have less of a chance to win the overall challenge prizes.

Register online at by clicking the "Create Account" button at the top of this page

  • Registration is free
  • You must create a Challenge Runner account at the link above to sign up and participate.
  • You can register as an individual or in a team. Teams must have exactly 4 members.
  • To create a team: enter the team name by selecting create new team.  If your team has already been created by another team member, please select your team from the list. To participate as an individual: please “x” out of the teams box after registering.  Do not select or create a team if you wish to participate as an individual.
  • If you would like to sync a wearable device to Challenge Runner, you may do so by editing your profile on Challenge Runner. Visit your profile at the top right of the screen.  Simply select your device from the list and click authorize or follow the listed directions for that device.
  • If you are using a basic pedometer, you will simply log into the app each day or week and enter your step totals

Pre-Challenge Survey

Please take the following 9-question survey if you plan to enroll in this challenge. It only takes 2 minutes!

Note: There will also be a post-challenge survey for those who complete the challenge. These surveys provide us an opportunity to understand what demographic is participating, how we can tailor this to better fit your needs, and what we can do better next time.

What is Challenge Runner?

Challenge Runner is a tool used to facilitate walking and wellness challenges.  In the leaderboard, each participant can see where they stand in relation to other participants using real names.  In the communication board, messages will be displayed from the challenge administrators providing you with updates and tips on the challenge!

What if I do not have internet access?

If you do not have Internet access and or do not wish to create a Challenge Runner account, you may email or call 717-267-7928 to obtain a paper tracking template.  This template will need to be submitted each week for those who wish to be entered in the weekly drawing.

How do I track my steps?

Participants may use a wearable device such as a FitBit OR a basic pedometer to track steps.  Certain smartphones also have health and step tracking devices built-in through downloadable apps, where you can use your cell phone as a pedometer, if you have your phone on you all day.

What if I do not have a wearable device or pedometer?

Pedometers are available for free for those who do not have a device to use to track steps.  Please email Challenge Administrator Jamie Selman at or call 717-267-7928.  You will need to pick up the pedometer at the Summit Health Community Relations building in Chambersburg.

How do I submit my steps?

Record your number of daily steps taken individually into Challenge Runner by visiting and clicking the "Login" button or by using the Challenge Runner smartphone app. While it is recommended that participants log steps every evening, you MUST submit your steps each Monday by 11:59pm for the previous Monday-Sunday week to be eligible for the weekly giftcard drawing. Please be honest in submitting your step totals.

NOTE: Certain wearable devices can be synced to your Challenge Runner account, so your steps are automatically uploaded for you each day! Select this option in your Challenge Runner profile.

Convert Other Activities Into Steps

We understand there are other ways to be physically active, so please feel free to convert other physical activities into steps. Conversion charts are available online and most activities can be converted to steps using fitness trackers. Here is a free conversion chart provided by America on the Move: Step Conversion Chart

How do I promote this within my workplace to other co-workers?

If you would like to promote the Stepping Into Spring Walking Challenge within your organization, please email or call 717-267-7928 to obtain flyers and more information.

Questions, Concerns, Ideas, Suggestions?

Please email or call 717-267-7928.  We are here to assist participants throughout each challenge.