A new sign in front of Summit Primary Care in Mercersburg bears the WellSpan Health name and logo
Friday, June 14, 2019

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -  The sun is shining on the local health-care system, quite literally.  A drive around Franklin County reveals WellSpan Health signs, boasting bright yellow suns, replacing the traditional Summit Health triangles on medical office buildings and on WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital. 

The yellow and blue signs bear the WellSpan Health logo, which signifies a health partner to support wellness throughout the span of your life. 

“These signs point toward a new chapter for health care in Franklin County,” said President and CEO of WellSpan-Summit Health, Pat O’Donnell.  “Our affiliation with WellSpan Health will allow us to continue to build and develop the services needed by our community here in Franklin County, making healthcare more accessible and easier to use.” 

O’Donnell said in addition to changing the names of the practices and hospitals to include the WellSpan name, the affiliation will bring to the region many benefits that will result in expanded and more specialized care.  The signage project started this month and will take months to complete. Eventually, all Summit Health entities will have WellSpan Health names and signs, including WellSpan Waynesboro Hospital. Patients are encouraged to continue to utilize Summit Health’s website, SummitHealth.org for information on services, locations and hours during this time.

Electronic Health Records System 

Perhaps the most significant and most highly prioritized project since the affiliation in November 2018 has been to expand the Epic Electronic Health Records system to all WellSpan-Summit entities in Franklin and Cumberland Counties.  The project takes nearly two years to implement, and officially kicked off in April. 

“Our organization centers around providing the highest quality care to our community,” O’Donnell explained.  “Optimization of the Epic electronic health records system improves patient care coordination, reduces risks through standardized workflows, and offers better provider-to-patient communication.” 

According to Epic, more than 250 health care organizations nationwide use the medical records system, with an estimated 45 percent of the US population having their medical records in an Epic system. 

Epic allows for one chart to follow patients throughout the multiple areas where they receive care.  

Other benefits to the community will also be realized through the affiliation, according to O’Donnell who pointed out significant expansion projects.

“We want to again reassure our friends and neighbors that this affiliation will not mean your care is being transferred to another part of the region or to York, but rather that continued resources will be brought in to Franklin and Cumberland County to reinforce the excellent services available here already and to grow upon them,” he said. 

Expanding Services in Franklin County:

As the transition continues, O’Donnell said an expansion of services and locations is planned in the Franklin and Cumberland County communities. Just this week, opening June 10, a newly renovated Interventional Radiology Suite boasts leading-edge technology and offers new and expanded services to patients. 

The new equipment helps doctors perform select minimally invasive procedures with the guidance of X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound technology. Providers are able to treat conditions without the need to look inside with a scope or open surgery. 

“We are able to use images to perform the smallest procedures in veins and arteries with catheters, wires and other small instruments,” explained Dr. Andrew Mullins, interventional radiologist at WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital. “Smaller incisions help patients recover faster and get back to their lives.”

Dr. Mullins, a fellowship-trained interventional radiologist can also help treat certain cancers or tumors, blockages in the arteries and veins, and fibroids in the uterus. He can also help with certain liver and kidney problems.  

“Bringing this new technology to WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital will help keep patients who need these treatments close to home with advanced technology used at some of the bigger institutions,” explained Dr. Mullins. 

Dr. Mullins said patients with pain from compression fractures in their back, patients with narrowing in the arteries in their legs, patients who have varicose veins or leg swelling, or patients who have fibroids could be candidates for services available at WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital.

Dr. Mullins is accepting new patients. More information on the above and other services in interventional radiology can be found at SummitHealth.org/Imaging. 

WellSpan Greencastle Health Center

WellSpan Greencastle Health Center, 24 Antrim Commons Drive, will open to the public Monday, Sept. 9. The 45,000-square-foot building will provide comprehensive health-care services; including urgent care; orthopedics; podiatry; physical therapy; endocrinology; gastroenterology; surgery; urology; women’s care; primary care; ear, nose and throat care; occupational health; imaging and mammography; and lab. For more details and updates, visit: SummitHealth.org/Greencastle.