Sleep & Fitness: Increase your heart rate to increase your Zzzz’s


WAYNESBORO, Pa. – Tossing and turning at night when you can’t fall asleep might feel like a workout, but a lack of exercise could be contributing to a long night of lying awake.

Regular exercise is known to have many health benefits – preventing chronic diseases, reducing stress and depression as well as improving concentration – but it can also improve your sleeping habits, said Jennifer Davis and Sandy Mosley, managers of the Waynesboro Hospital Sleep Center.

“The key is to make exercise part of your routine,” Mosley said. “You might not see benefits overnight, but with regular and consistent exercise, you’ll begin to notice improved duration of sleep and quality of sleep.”

Exercising at least 30 minutes a day is a good goal to improving sleep; however, even just a 10-minute walk will help to achieve a better night’s rest, she said.

If you currently don’t have a routine, then start off small and work your way up, she said. Small changes made consistently will lead you to not only be more active, but also reap the other benefits – such as better sleep.

“Take some time to try out different activities to see what you like best and what fits into your schedule,” Mosley said. “It may take several weeks to get into a rhythm and start noticing the benefits, but the overall outcome will be well worth the effort.”

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